Jul 18, 2017

Oh hi

certainly has been quiet around here hasn't it. how about a quickie update:

my final semester of graphic design swallowed me whole, leaving this wee blog to collect digital dust. months after graduating, a move to the west coast changed my focus for the last two years to settle in, make friends and get to know the beautiful city of Vancouver.  at the end of last year, i scored a contract with a small digital textile printing company as in-house designer and assistant until they unfortunately had to shut their studio doors. and now, i launched into a graphic and textile freelance designer gig and cannot ignore the loud call of craft i hear in my heart.

what does this mean for the ol' hearts and crafts shop? slowly, i'm revving up to relaunch the etsy shop and will be making up little pitch packages to drop off to all the lovely shops i'm finding here in Vancouver.
It took a little time to establish a little bit of a following in Toronto and the GTA and am excited to get my name heard out here.
i've a few mini sales and a giveaway in the works so stay in touch via my instagram and keep your eyes peeled for more wolves, upcycled vintage goodies and of course toasty things to warm your hearts!

internally yours,
sister valentine

Jun 30, 2015

term two packed up

this second term was pretty fantastic, a little heavier on the workload but i was looking forward to it after the over all introductory pace of first term. my class has been warned that third term (which starts up next week!) is the heaviest workload of all the terms but i'm not anxious about it too much...yet.
i've been thinking of a design identity for my own work but the few ideas i have floating around in my head are just that, ideas floating in my head. which is why i am absolutely looking forward to our branding class especially and really looking forward to a typography 2 class, after affects and a creative direction class. we also get into a bit of coding and web designing which i've been itching to  get on. i hope my old school html coding days will come back to me.
to keep things short, here are some of my favourite projects from this term.

3D three horned beetle, illustrator.
probably my favourite piece of the term! 

redesign packaging project mock up, illustrator. 
search nescafe xpress if you're interested in seeing the original package design. 

"say my name" project, photoshop. 
this is subtle but i wanted to make the letters look like layered cut paper, giving each a bit of depth like topography.

band poster, photoshop and illustrator.

layered collage project, typography.
probably my second favourite piece of the term! completely hand drawn lettering for a fantastic carl sagan quote.

blog design, illustrator
a blog design with a time restriction of just 2 hours. i was freaking out about through the full two hours but happy with what i came up with considering the crunch.

before you go, i should let you know of a teeny sale that is happening on my instagram. once again i need to to get rid of some old stock and with how quick people change their phones this sale especially could use all the word spreading. 

i have a few packs of my iphone hard cases with three interchangeable faceplates made from vintage textbooks and children's books. each are going for $25 each, shipped! so get on over to my instagram and get in on the goods.
go on, git!

internally yours,
sister valentine

Mar 24, 2015

hearts & crafts in Hamilton

you know, i don't think i mentioned that some of my handmade goodies are currently sold at Shine studio in Hamilton 'cause i am a dingdong. 
Shine has a great collection of curated gift ideas, arts and jewelry if you're in the hunt for something a little different. take a peek for yourself at 3 Colbourne Street, Hamilton.

handmade card wallets made with reclaimed fabric and vintage linen interiors with snap closure 

just a handful of patchwork fold over zipper pouches with cotton muslin interiors

and just five wolf cub dolls all waiting for homes with little true hearts to watch over. cotton fleece and polkadotted, these cuties are made from an original pattern with all new cotton materials right down to the cotton stuffing

internally yours,
sister valentine

term one packed up

thought i'd post some work i've done closing off my first term in this new graphic design life i've gotten myself into and looking forward to more. 
i have the schedule for term two and a typography class will be happening. best part: it's all by hand! my knees nearly buckled when was told this goodness so expect in the next coming months to see more typography work. for now, enjoy the show.

stamp set: gemstones found in canada, illustrator

geometric newsletter, illustrator and indesign

menu logo, illustrator and indesign. fake band concert poster, photoshop and indesign

internally yours,
sister valentine

Feb 28, 2015

graphic design studenthood

going into my third month of this new graphic design life and it's looking mighty good!
within the first week of school my eyes opened up to the hidden graphic design in everyday life, by week three i knew what applications were used to make animated banners and the very simple things that make up adverts, posters and symbols everyone else just walks by. 
the end of this first term is not for another couple of months and i'm already looking forward to term two where we get introduced to typography, a class that is 90% of it drawn by hand, be still my heart!
thankfully too, there is a good balance between computer heavy work and a little more hands on work which you can see in this mini photo dump so go on, get to it.

my ideas doodling office is extra comfy

taking in some inspiration from the old world

when you study what you love, it doesn't feel like homework

completely hand cut via exacto knife and glues on shimmery paper, inspired by the victorian era

found some great package design with a nod to vintage design

everything starts with pen on paper and in this case, a bit of graphite too

watercolors, pen and cut papers, a ram's portrait inspired by the mod design of the fifties

i'm grateful that i am able to do even a little crafting on the side of this schooling and i'll admit that i can literally feel my brain stretch when i switch into craft mode. 
over the xmas holidays, i had to whip off a few new xmas stockings in my house and an always supportive friend liked them enough for her own home. she was the second wolf-pup adopter ever and so with her new handmade stockings, i sent along a little thank you for being a true heart to my craft life.

this teeny crochet vest with rabbit pockets just about popped my heart

but then it melted into a puddle when she sent me her little one and her wolf-pup in its new clothing

internally yours,
sister valentine

Jan 5, 2015

oh hey hallo hi

first, many merci's to all the true hearts who made 2014 a pretty exciting year for my petite craftlife. i'm always humbled by all the support that gets thrown my way. truly, from the top of my heart, merci.

second, now that the holiday madness is over, onto a bit of real life.

i don't think i mentioned it via this blog that in january i begin a one year intensive course in graphic design and multimedia at the toronto film school. 
no that's right, after two years out of a six  consecutive year spell of being in college, i am back at it to navigate this funny little craftlife to a slightly different direction than even i expected. 

after going through what turned out to be the wrong programin 2006, i switched to crafts and design and i found what made my bum ticker light up with almost a constant creativity, heeps of art, and making with my hands. deciding that is what i should follow was one of the best decisions i've made in my life and in a lot of ways has saved my life. for what felt like a lifetime, i had zero drive to do anything with myself. 
since then, i am forever trying to build a creative world around that funny muscle hanging in my chest.

tomorrow is my first day of this new chapter in my life and i'm anxious... in a pretty good kind of nervous and a good kind of excited way. 

so what does this mean for the hearts and crafts? probably no sales in the city, though i will be (finally) getting on a bit of an etsy shop update in the next few weeks. you can expect more handmade to order listings and a dash of ready to ship ones.

i'll of course be sharing any projects i'll be working on during this year and all the heart pops (and farts) along the way. 
stick around if you're into that. 

internally yours, 
sister valentine

Dec 5, 2014

Corktown Holiday Market

tonight is the night! i've lots of new goodies for you true hearts and if you haven't been seeing them via twitter or IG then you'll just have to come out yourself to see, doors open at 7pm.

there will be just so much goodness happening tonight, my heart is kind of maybe racing as i write this. 
donate gently used clothing or perishable foods for thise in need, stay for the treats and drinks while you shop through local artists, makers and vintage collectors. 
come forget them big box corporations, buy handmade this holiday season and support local! 
karma said she likes when that happens.

internally yours,
sister valentine 

Nov 17, 2014

a couple holiday sales!

i'm way mega happy to announce i'll be at two little holiday markets in the toronto area in december so you could pick up some handmade goodies and support some local makers and artists this x-mas, that's a sure way to gain a few more points with a certain miss karma!

on friday december 5th, get an extra little point for bringing a food or gift donation for the Younge Street Mission Food Bank and Toy Drive for them true hearts in need.

the second holiday sale is a more intimate and small one on saturday december 13th held at 1610 gerrard st. E. there will be both handmade goodies and treats to partake in!

i'll be bringing most of my shop stock including a new stock of envelope snap wallets (these fit both iphone 4's and 5's!) and new crewel embroidery pin designs i've been working on.

hope to see you at the sales!

internally yours,
sister valentine

Nov 2, 2014

another instagram mini sale

starting tomorrow, head over to my instagram profile and check out the new mini sale happening!

in no time the hats were sold out in the last sale which is perfection to getting rid of some old stock, i thought i'd do it again before it was too close to december. 

i'll have only six handmade and one of a kind tote bags made with reclaimed or recycled material. i'll be posting one a day for you true hearts to snag by just commenting 'sold' and emailing me for a shipping address and paypal bill (though we can swing an e-transfer too!) 

these mini sales really are fun that i'm so tempted to start it tonight...but i won't this time.
see you on IG!

internally yours,
sister valentine

Oct 22, 2014

envelope snap wallet production

after the Etsy made in canada sale, i was left with three envelope snap wallets!
they've always been a personal favorite and at craft sales. the original pattern was fitted perfectly to use as a iphone 4/4s or ipod case but with the new iphone 5/5c being slightly longer, i had to adjust the pattern slightly for this new batch of snap wallets to fit both phone sizes.

after cutting the linen, i then pre mordant it to have the dye color stay put. in this case when i say dye color, i mean coffee.

when they're still wet, i brush on the coffee just along the edges and where they'll be folded giving it a great old parchment paper look when dried. they don't look like much when wet so the next morning when i piled them all up, it was pretty great to see.

it's kind of funny how just a few stitches can bring much more life to a piece. it tickles my heart some  how the vintage look of the dyed linen looks with the machine embroidered line work of the stamp and postal stamp waves.
since i designed these to be used as iphone cases, i sandwich a light cotton batting padding to each wallet to keep your devices a little safer from dings and falls. i usually would have used different fabrics to the inside separating flap to make each its own but this time i rooted for only a select fabrics to help make easier choices.

i also designed some new stamp designs to make these a little more unisex.
as in all my small batch productions, i maybe already found a favourite!

i'm down to the last few stamps left to hand embroider and then it's on to sewing these together. they'll be put on my etsy along with a couple of other new items in time for xmas shopping.

internally yours,
sister valentine